Specialist engineers with depth of experience

Welcome to Hyland Consultants.  More than ever before people are aware of the consequences to life and the high costs when structures fail. Read here how our thorough approach and expertise builds confidence in the levels of safety and performance achievable in structures.  We are seeking to constantly lift those levels, and provide a real understanding of the factors that lead to safer design with confidence.

Our consultancy brings a specialist focus  in the areas of fatigue, earthquake and forensic engineering in addition to  the more typical structural engineering work. We advise on the upgrades of structures & can project manage to completion. We also undertake investigations when buildings fail. The level of assessment, remedial work, or structural improvement required differs from project to project – because every structure has unique performance requirements. We are skilled at engineering analysis, in-depth observation of the real life behaviour of buildings, bringing expert opinions together and providing clear concise reports. We offer a comprehensive service from investigation to solution to execution.

“ All risk conditions need to be understood as best they can be.  To make a structure safe, or analyse the failure of a structure requires a balance of analytical skill and observation. That balance is what we do best.”             –Clark Hyland.