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Caufield to Dandenong Elevated Railway

Hyland Consulting Engineering have been appointed by DEAL srl to manage the Design Verification process for the Straddle Carrier Launching Girder system Equipment for the $A1.6 Billion  Caufield to Dandenong Elevated Railway project.

The project is removing railway level crossings that cut across urban streets in Melbourne, by constructing dual elevated railway viaducts parallel to the existing lines.

The specialised DEAL srl designed and manufactured Equipment lifts and transports 40 metre long 425 tonne precast box girder sections along the elevated viaduct to the launching girder.  It then travels along the girder a full span before  the girder is pushed out another span.  The concrete bridge unit is then lowered into place on the piers.

See the YouTube video showing the construction sequence.

Hyland Consulting Engineering will also be undertaking structural engineering review of the equipment and liaising with the SGS Crane Design Verifier for mechanical engineering and Design Verification certification.

Westconnex M4 Motorway Sydney

Hyland Consultants has been appointed by Italian bridging specialist DEAL to manage and undertake Design Verification and Commissioning Inspection services for its bridge launching equipment for the  Westconnex M4 Motorway Project.

WestConnex is Australia’s biggest urban road project and will be delivered in three stages over 10 years.  It includes 69 spans of overhead bridging using up to 50 metre long, 2 metre deep,  100 tonne prestressed  concrete T-beams.

The Rizzani De Eccher Leighton joint venture was selected to design and construct the 7.5 kilometre upgrade.

Hyland Consultants engaged W.A. Corkery & Associates, SGS (New Zealand) and SGS (Australia) to form the project team.


Waterview Motorway Bridge Launching Gantry

Hyland Consultants were engaged by world leading bridge launching gantry design and build manufacturer DEAL of Italy to peer review and manage the certification process of the WCJO Launching Gantry. Hyland Consultants undertook the structural review and engaged Corkery & Associates to advise on Mechanical issues.  SGS (NZ) Ltd were engaged as Design Verifier and to undertake inspections for operating certification.

DEAL launching gantry during operations testing

DEAL launching gantry during operations testing

The double three chord truss steel launching gantry crawls over the previously constructed piers then is used to place 55 tonne prestressed concrete super-tee units to span between the piers.

Hyland Consultants analysed and assessed the performance under short term construction, earthquake and wind loading conditions. Safe operating wind speed limits were agreed between DEAL, Hyland, Corkery and SGS, and procedures were set by WCJO to monitor wind forecasts and secure the gantry in the approved ways for the wind speed limits.

Launching gantry with Super-Tee precast concrete bridge beam

Launching gantry with Super-Tee precast concrete bridge beam

CTV Building Collapse Investigation

The six-level Canterbury Television building (CTV) located at 249 Madras Street, Christchurch suffered a major structural collapse on 22 February 2011 , following the Magnitude 6.3 Lyttelton Aftershock. Shortly after the collapse of the building a fire broke out in the stairwell and continued for several days.

Dr Clark Hyland of Hyland Fatigue + Earthquake Engineering and Ashley Smith of Structuresmith Ltd were engaged by the Department of Building and Housing to investigate the reasons for the collapse.  Their report was  prepared under the direction of an expert Panel appointed by DBH . read article »

CTV Building Collapse Site Examination and Materials Properties

The CTV Building at 249 Madras Street collapsed suddenly during the earthquake Aftershock on 22 February, 2011. Columns collapsed and floors fell on top of each other in a progressive collapse.

Dr Clark Hyland of Hyland Fatigue + Earthquake Engineering was engaged by the Department of Building and Housing to undertake a detailed site examination and materials testing to assist the collapse investigation he undertook with Ashley Smith of Structuresmith Ltd

In Dr Hyland’s opinion the following factors, amongst other things, needed to be considered in the analysis of the collapse of the CTV Building: read article »