Safer Structures: what we believe it takes

A simple philosophy underlies our work:  when we think and seek to use the abilities God has given us new and exciting solutions are possible.

Structural engineering is a developing and adaptive science. As specialists we utilise principles of scientific investigation in order to go beyond status-quo approaches – and learn new ways to advance the art.

We are thinkers rather than just code compliance technicians – because the application of building codes in a rigid quasi-legal or narrow manner may not lead to structures that perform safely in real life emergencies.

The Hyland Approach to Investigative Analysis

Structural Analysis + Materials Knowledge + Observation  = Safer Structures with Confidence

Our kind of investigative approach requires us to be open to new insights into how structures, and the materials they are built with, really behave.

“ Our kind of consulting engineering is not hiding within a computer model or design standard. We’re not desk bound, we are out there investigating, asking, testing….doing the detective work on how structures and construction products behave.” Dr Clark Hyland