Confidence in safety is a necessity

In much the same way that specialists, rather than general doctors, are needed to assess and remedy difficult medical conditions – a specialist structural engineer is needed to properly assess and prescribe remedial work to maintain, protect and enhance the life of structures that may be affected by fatigue or may be at risk to earthquakes.

We specialise in fatigue and earthquake engineering and bring an added level of insight and expertise in that area.

Leading Investigative Expertise & Performance Based Design

The level of assessment, remedial work or structural performance improvement required will reflect the importance of the structure and the potential economic loss or risk to life its failure would cause. It doesn’t pay to be too quick to move to an upgrade strategy until the specific nature of the risk conditions being dealt with are understood. A retrofit solution that is developed without this understanding will disappoint in terms of expense, and will be unlikely to result in the performance improvement hoped for.

Excellent Management & Communication

Every structure, and the risks and needs associated with it, is different. The best solution is based on a thorough assessment of the risks posed and your priorities. This involves an analysis of the expected performance of the structure under foreseeable loadings and if necessary identifying what may be an economic way of improving its performance. Then making it happen.  

Professional Comprehensive Service

As a company with strong professional networks, we have the flexibility to adapt our services to meet client needs. Hyland Fatigue + Earthquake Engineering will provide you with a fee proposal including the best options for you. We can plan, oversee structural and materials investigations, analyse results and design remedial and upgrading works. Tender and contract documentation can be developed and experienced and appropriately qualified contractors selected to bid and execute the works to the appropriate quality.

Services Reputation.

We have experience with high profile projects in New Zealand and our staff have experience internationally.  Please see profiles and case studies.